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Monday, January 5, 2015

'Making' the dots before connecting them - Streets of Willow track day - 11/30/14

Wow, time flew and I'm four months behind on this update.  I am going to backdate this entry to

To get a 'baseline' feel for my bike, I decided to take my bike out to Streets of Willow before I left California.  Bone-stock.  Tire of choice was the BT-S20 in 110 and 160.
November 30th, but I am writing this one on Feb. 27th 2015.

I've never been on SOW and I haven't done a track day since 2009.  Since a week before, I crashed plenty of times at mini-moto clinic and supermoto school, I decided to make it a mental goal to add little bits at a time.  I always perform better when I mentally hold myself back a bit, focusing on consistency and form more than out-right aggression.

We went counter-clockwise this time.  Aside from going overall faster, I lost a lot of time on the bowl-- I am sure I could attack it a lot faster with all the banking.  I also lost a lot of time in the two corners after the bowl.  Focused soley on setting up for those corners rather than minimizing off-throttle time on the straights.

Overall, I need a lot more seat time.  I'm still not putting together a clean lap-- especially inconsistent in the sections after the skidpad.  I can also benefit from cleaner, quicker inputs to the motorcycle and get more aggressive on the throttle.  Overall, not too bad for one of the first track days, after a 6 year break.

Erm, Mike, sorry for assuring you that we'll be able to fit both bikes on the truck.  Mike soldiered the 100 mile ride back in a thunderstorm on his screamin' GSF400F Bandit because we could not figure out how to load both bikes onto the truck.

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