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Monday, December 7, 2009

About this blog

Before you read my blog, please read the disclaimer above.

Earlier this year, my project Miata came to a conclusion when it finally clocked about the same laptime that a stock S2000 would make.  I had a great run, and it was a lot of fun.  I learned how to make your car go faster, on the cheap!    And I wanted to deliver that message also:  You can be a poor college student (which I sort of was) and still build a awesome track toy.  You don't have to spend big bucks to have fun.

I also worked on my driving, but the main goal of the project was really the car and the attitude.  Now it was time to really work on my driving.  I want to throw myself into something much more competitive, where pretty much all that matters is the driver.  So I bought a kart, at a new phase of my life.  So from now on, I'll be writing on my karting adventures, with more focus on developing myself as a driver.  I hope you'll follow me in my journey.

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This blog is my personal notebook for the world to see. I will be posting three different types of posts. First is technical posts. I'll make notes on my performance on the track, car setup, driving tips and DIY projects. The second category of posts are industry news and opinions. I'm not a motor journalist, so I'll just be posting things that strikes me as important. Lastly, I'll be posting quotes, interviews, and thoughts and opinions on mental approaches to motorsports, engineering and racing. A major theme you will see throughout my post is how to save you money! Some things with some work, ingenuity, and adventurousness, you can save yourself a lot of money that works very well.

As the posts pile on, it gets hard for me to organize posts. There will be table of contents soon. Meanwhile, I encourage you to use the search function!

Please keep track of my blog and provide feedback. I'm not a professional in any of these fields, so if I post something questionable, I would like to have it pointed out. I am open to discussion too, and moderating comments will be very minimal.

If you would like to give any part of the information on my blog to somebody, I would prefer that you just refer them to my blog page. However, if you have a compelling reason or can't link, please credit it to this blog. Thanks!

You can reach me here: Hikickracing @ gmail dot com  (dot is a period, so that scanning software cannot take my email and spam me)

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