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Monday, December 7, 2009


This blog is a bit about my life, a bit about my driving, a bit about the build of my car(s), but most of all, it is about saving everyone money. There are a lot of expensive racing products out there. Some are rightfully so; stuff that even advanced enthusiasts will have trouble building; Stuff that takes too long, takes specialized eqiupment, takes too much manual skills, stuff that is difficult to make safe, and stuff that is too toxic to handle in your garage.

But otherwise, you can do things yourself. Or you can source parts and put them together. Most products out there are a result of that anyways. Sure, some companies claim the time spent testing and picking the parts justify their prices. That may or may not be true. But I see it this way. You look at their product, come up with your own design, use it. If they can still sell and profit from it, thats fine. If they can't, then they should lower their prices, or come up with a better product. Us as consumers always benefit, and that is what it should be all about.

Most of this can be achieved by vigorous research and shopping, by the way. Don't leave any stone unturned. Check other fields and industries for similar products. Check circle track markets, check dirt track, motorcycle, oval markets, spend as much time as you reasonably can to find what satisfies you. Don't have much time? Then you should just go buy the product available on the market. Thats what you really pay for, anyways.

I am all about getting more seat time and not spending any more money than necessary. Why? Because that money can be spent on wear items like brakes, tires and on track event fees. That is the absolute most important for me. And the things I figure out, discover, or hear from others, I will post them here. I hope it helps you as it has helped me. Read the disclaimer though! It is at the top of the blog.

A bit about myself:

I'm a law student at the University of Florida. I started racing activities when I started autocrossing with the SCCA back in 2007. I have my undergraduate degree in finance, and speak Korean also.

Since then, I've been more and more involved. I was involved at the Formula SAE project at San Diego State University since 2007. I was president from the 2007 fall to 2008 spring season. My team was the first team to successfully complete the SAE competition from San Diego State University in about a decade or so, and the first in several years to complete a car. I learned the most from my experiences at FSAE. I'm not a real engineer though. I can only do so much. But I did specialize in the suspension aspect of the car we were building.

I also have karting experience in the San Diego region in the Formula Yamaha Heavy class. I couldn't keep it up because I had underestimated how much kart racing costs. It was embarrassing really.

Then I moved to Florida to attend law school. I told myself, no more motorsports, no more cars. Yeah right. I had this motorcycle for commuting, and in Spring of 2009, I took my motorcycle to a track day and remembered how fun this hobby is. Come this fall, I bought another Miata from another autocrosser down in Orlando. I couldn't resist the temptation. I'll be running this car until I finish Law School.

The only "professional" experience in this industry is my time from working as a legal intern for Kumho Tire's Legal issues and compliance team. If you couldn't tell, I really want to work in the automotive industry. If you have a job or internship opportunity, please let me know!

Because my activities are sporadic, this blog will be updated slowly also. Please keep track, and thanks for visiting my blog!

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  1. hi, interested in vortex generators but they seem to be come in 7 or 10 fin combinations; does it matter how far they are spaced or is it more effective to have the fins closer.
    Also, in your closing comments you mentioned putting fins on the under carriage as well; would that work better at the front of the car chassis or the end near the exhaust
    please let me know via
    Many thanks.