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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi-Kick Racing Gear


Hi-Kick Racing decal with URL: 4.50 + shipping

Hi-Kick Racing decal without URL: 4.50 + shipping

Fast = Cheap decal 2.50 + Shipping

The first two decals are slightly smaller than 4x8" and the Fast = Cheap decal is about 2.5x8"
Shipping cost is 50 cents to cover cost of a stamp and a envelope. The decals have a non-gloss finish and are fully weather proof. The prints are good quality, but they are not quite professional quality as I make them at home. They are all printed as is, on a white background.

Put them on your bumper, windshield, door, laptop, garage, wherever you want! Please use the button below to order a sticker.

Sticker type

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For Sale

Here are some things I have for sale. Please email me any inquiries. All are sold as-is, used unless noted otherwise.

OEM exhausts. - 15$
One is off of a 1.6l, other is off of a 1.8l. No visible differences except a heat shield on the 1.8l unit. The 1.6l exhaust tip has been cut a bit. I don't want to ship these but they are sitting in my garage..

Flyin' Miata Handling Springs - $150
Oldstyle, 342lb/in and 228lb/in rates front and rear. I like the ration between the front and rear rates quite a bit.

1.6l AFM - $30
Works fine.

OEM Hardtop latches and striker plates