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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Home Track - Gainesville Test Track

This is my home track. This is the driver training and testing track of the famous Gainesville Raceway that hosts the NHRA Gator Nationals (not to be confused with the Gatorz karting). Its a small 1-mile - ish course with a lot of standard driving elements. Its a lateral-G and horsepower heavy track. Surface is one of the smoothest I've driven on.

This is the current configuration. Click to see a bigger picture.

Nobody gave the corners names so I included my own reference numbers on the picture. The course was designed by the famous Alan Wilson, who designed circuits such as Barber Motorsports Park, Miller Motorsports Park, and much more. He is even designing a road course in Seoul, Korea. That is where I am from by the way.

Fun areas include the turn 5-6 exit onto the front straight. Of course, the best part is still the turn 9 that goes onto the long back straight. By long, I mean relatively long. It isn't as long as it is on a real road course. Turn 3, the second section of the figure eight is slightly off-camber and makes the corner feel much tighter than it is. Turn 7-8 chicane area is cool too. Take a leap of faith, fly into the chicane, hit all the apexes, and don't get pushed out too far into turn 9.

The course rewards having a lot of lateral grip and horsepower. Tire width and torque is king. 
Here is a video of a demonstration lap. It is a warm-up lap, so the lines are clean.

I will post some track notes sometime. Oh, and I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

Copyright 2009, 2010 (c) by Jerry Lee.

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