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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Qstarz releases 10hz GPS receiver

Did I ever mention that I lost my GPS receiver my last track event? After writing my last track report, which was way too long ago, I could not find my GPS receiver. I know I have not made an entry about my super-cheap data logging setup but no doubt some of you already do the same thing I do. I will make a separate entry about it later. Remember, I am committed to saving us poor student enthusiasts as much money as possible.

Anyways, my lost receiver is a Qstarz BT-Q818X. It logged at 5hz; good enough for my needs but 5hz is some really rough timing (interpolates to 1/10ths) and nowhere near enough to do any serious suspension tuning. Not like I will be doing any serious suspension tuning. Turns out that there is a new model out so I would have bought another one anyways!

Apparently this is old news but Qstarz have been listening to this small market where poor racers are too cheap to spend 500+ dollars on a real data logger.  Qstarz released a 10hz version of their 818X. It is called the BT-Q818XT. XT for Extreme? Just like my old one, it had an external switch that changes it into 10hz mode, so you won't have to get into its settings. This means that this gadget is completely "plug-and-play."  Switch to 10hz (which also turns it on), start your timer/datalogging software, and drive! Take that Pbox!

The battery on my old one lasted over 30 hours on standby mode, and even after a track day I would find it still turned on after a day of forgetting to turn it off.

So, reader, if you are like me and already use a near-free data logging system, then go and buy the new receiver! If you don't and don't know how, go do your research or wait for my post explaining how to use this gadget for data logging. I will be buying this as soon as I get money for next month. About 80 dollars on

Official product link

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gettin' back to the swing of things.

Unfortunately this summer I really did not get to do many things on the track.  I beat up my car while commuting over these stupid brick roads in downtown Orlando and put on about two thousand miles.  Needless to say, the car needs work.  Here is a to-do list before school starts

1. Replace headlight lamp
2. Replace valve cover gasket
3. If needed, replace spark plugs
4. Secure front lip (one side is falling off)
5. Complete front air dam, even if it looks ghetto. My original plan was to make a very professional lookin' fiberglass piece. I have all this material sitting around not getting used.

My little cousin is visiting from Korea. My uncle is giving me some money for showing him around, so I may be able to order some stuff needed for me to get going on the air dam project.